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ternure blitz

Terenure College Football Blitz

On Monday, 28th of May at 11:45, the fourth and fifth classes went to Terenure College to play a Gaelic football blitz with four other schools. On the bus there was a lot of singing and talking. We played four matches of 20 minutes and ten minute brakes between (just enough time to get a pep talk and positions). After our first two matches there was a food stall which included: water bottles, bananas and chocolate bars. After that we played our last two games which were tough. There was a ceremony at the end where every team received a medal. The fourth class team came third, and fifth came fifth.

The winners of both leagues were St. Pius which were rewarded by their captain receiving two different trophies. Afterwards we left with our medals which we will be presented at Tionól on Friday. All in all it was a great day which we will remember for a while. Thank you Mr. Casey and Mr. Rooney for giving up their time and getting us there.

by Sonny Cleary