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Board of Management

“Manages the school on behalf of the Patron and is accountable to the patron and the Minister….”

St Mary’s BNS Rathfarnham – The Board of Management is made up of eight:
Edward O’Riordan – (Principal & Secretary to the Board)
Brenda Giblin – (Teacher’s Nominee and Recording Secretary)
Fr Martin Noone – (Patron’s Nominee)
Anthony McKeon – (Chairman & Patron’s Nominee)
Christine Woods – (Treasurer & Community Nominee)
Enda McCabe – (Community Nominee)
Catherine Curry – (Parent Nominee)
Liam Butler – (Parent Nominee)

WHAT does it do?

  • To manage school on behalf of the Patron
  • For the Benefit of the students
  • Provide an appropriate education for each student

WHEN does it do it?

  • Meet min of 5 – 6 times per Academic year
  • Appointed for a 4-year term commenced 1st Dec 2015 and runs to 30th Nov 2019

HOW does it go about it?

Work to an Agenda at each meeting

  • requires 2 weeks’ notice in writing for matters to be raised
  • meeting times to be communicated e.g. calendar or available from Principal

Work is done as a Corporate Body in a Governing sense

  • Individuals do not act as representatives of various groups as it is not a forum to air views


  • Ensuring quality of learning
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Ensuring quality of Teaching
  • School plan – develop and review
  • School Policies – develop and review
  • Safety and well-being in a happy and safe place

Do you have something you wish to raise with the Board?

Send a letter two weeks in advance of next meeting (as advised by Principal) to:

The Chairman
St Mary’s BNS
Dublin 14

Useful links

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NPC – National Parents Council

CPSM – Catholic Primary Schools Management Association

Citizens Information

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