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Playing for Dublin

On Sunday 20th May 12 boys from 6th class went down to Wexford to play at half time to play against the Wexford U13 development squad.
We all went separately down to Wexford and met up at the church beside the pitch. We all got our jerseys and Mr. Hughes and Mr. Casey told us our positions.
We all sat in a row right beside the pitch so when the half time whistle blew we were ready to go.
We all ran on and got ready for our match. The Wexford boys went ahead by about 3 or 4 points when we scored a goal from the half back line from a free. We then started to dominate and scored another goal and a point. When the game was over we took pictures with the Wexford lads for the Twitter page!!!
All the boys on the team would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Hughes and Mr. Casey for organising the amazing trip and a great experience.

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