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How do I enrol in St. Mary’s?
Click here to find out about Admissions.

How to find a classroom?

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When are Parent/Teacher meetings held?
Parent/ Teacher meetings are held in November. Read more about Parent/Teacher Meetings here.

What Standardised and Screening Assessment takes place in St. Mary’s?
As well as continuous informal assessment of and for learning, standardised testing on literacy and numeracy is carried out each year on all pupils from 1st to 6th Class as follows:


1. Drumcondra Primary Spelling Test
2. Drumcondra Primary Reading Test Revised
3. SIGMA-T Maths
4. Drumcondra Irish Test

Screening Tests

In addition to standardised tests the following screening tests are carried out:

MIST (Middle Infant Screening Test) Senior Infants
NRIT (Non Reading Intelligence Test) 1st and 4th Class


Quest Screening Test- English (Senior Infants)
Quest Screening Test- Maths (Senior Infants)

NCCA Parents Guidelines for Standardised Assessment

When are booklists available for next year?
Booklists are distributed midway through June.

When/where do I get the school uniform?
Read about the school uniform here.

When do you find out your class teacher for the following year?
Teachers are allocated to their class for next year in June, where possible.

When do you find out your school holidays for next year?
The calendar for the following year is distributed in June.

What to do if a child is absent?
If a child is absent a note explaining the absence should be written in the allocated section at back of Dialann Scoile and given to the class teacher upon the child’s return.

I want to collect my child early. What do I do?
Where possible a note should be written into the Dialann Scoile informing the class teacher of the details. All children should be picked up from the office for health and safety reasons.

Can I park in the school?
The school car park is reserved for staff cars only between 8.30-3.00.

Can I bring my bike to school?
Boys who bring bikes to school can lock them to the bike racks provided.

What is Aistear?
Aistear is an early childhood curriculum framework for children up to six years in Ireland. Because early childhood marks the beginning of children’s lifelong learning journeys, this framework is called Aistear, the Irish word for journey. Our Infant Classes take part in Aistear daily, where they learn and develop skills through play and interactions.

For further information, follow this link.

What is PYPIA?
PYPIA is an arts project for all the children in our school. Click here for more details.

What is Tionól?
In St. Mary’s we have a school assembly on Friday mornings for pupils and teachers from 1st to 6th class. Click here for more information.

What is the Stay Safe programme?
The Stay Safe programme itself is a personal safety skills programme designed for use with primary school children from Junior Infants through to 6th class. The programme seeks to enhance children’s self-protective skills by participation in lessons on safe and unsafe situations, bullying, inappropriate touch, secrets, telling and stranger danger.

The programme aims to give children the skills necessary to enable them to recognise and resist abuse/victimisation and teaches them that they should always tell (an adult that can help) about any situation which they find unsafe, upsetting, threatening, dangerous or abusive.

Stay Safe Parent Guide

What is Early Intervention?
As part of the Learning Support Programme in St. Mary’s, Senior Infants receive early intervention in the area of literacy. This allows for informal assessment and identification of learning difficulties by the Special Education Team in collaboration with Class Teachers and parents.

What time are lunch breaks?
Morning break is from 10.45-11.00am and lunch break is from 12.30-1.00pm.

What classes bring sponge balls to yard?
Boys from 3rd to 6th class are permitted two sponge balls per class on dry days only.

What are blue cards?
Blue cards are issued to inform parents/guardians of accidents or incidents that occur during school. The card must be signed and returned to the class teacher.

Is there wheelchair access?
Ramps are in place for access.

Voluntary contribution?
Families are requested to make a voluntary contribution of €90 per year. This can be paid throughout the year.

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