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Santry Sports

On Wednesday 30th of May boys from St. Marys went to Morton Stadium Santry. This day was for track events. At 10`o clock there was a parade. Then there were the sprints. First up were the under 10`s. The person representing us was Chisom. He was in heats 2 and he did very well and drew 1st place. He was in the final. In the final he got off to the best start and he was winning the race but the guy he drew to in the heats was right beside him. With a few meters to go Chisom got ahead and won the race. Well done Chisom. Another successful sprinter was Sean  who easily made it passed the heats and was into the final. In the final he did really well and got a bronze medal. Well done Sean. Well done to everyone who went to Santry, they represented the school very well. A huge thank you to Mr. Duffy, Ms. Quirke and Ms. Dunne who gave up loads of lunch times to train us over the past few months.

By Ben Sheahan