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School Rules

In St. Mary’s we follow the Molanó code of behaviour. We all have the right to learn in school. All boys attending Saint Mary’s are expected to follow school rules.

  • In our school we are respectful, cooperative and polite.
  • We walk quietly around the school.
  • We keep the school environment clean and litter free.
  • We respect school property.
  • We take pride in our appearance. We wear our uniform and tracksuit on the correct days.
  • We come to school on time.
  • We get our Dialann Scoile signed each night.
  • If we have been absent we bring in a signed “Notification of Absences” form.
  • We follow our school healthy eating policy.
  • Pupil mobile phones are not seen or heard in Saint Mary’s.

The Molanó Code

I will ask
I will listen
I will do my best

I will be gentle
I will be a friend
I will tell the truth

I will bring what I need
I will ask before taking
I will be careful

For further information please download our Code of Behaviour here.

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