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In St. Mary’s we have a school assembly on Friday mornings for pupils and teachers from 1st to 6th class. Each class takes it in turn to showcase their work, perform mini dramas, show musical and other talents. We highlight individual achievements, sporting or otherwise, and a variety of other things including prayers and a few words from our Principal, Mr. O’Riordan. The boys also sing together as a whole school.

We often invite special visitors to attend – The Sam Maguire Cup, Liam McCarthy Cup, Paul McGinley with the Ryder Cup, the Rugby 6 Nations Trophy, Tomi Reichental and Ronnie Delaney to name a few!

We also have special Tionóls at Halloween and Christmas. Parents and family members are invited to come along to see these performances. All Junior Infants make their debut performance for the whole school at Halloween. Tionól is very much enjoyed by all.

We would like to remind parents/visitors that any photos/videos taken are for personal use only and should not be shared on social media.

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