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Safer Internet Day

St. Mary’s Internet Safety Day Workshop for Parents

As part of our Internet Safety Day program this year, we are delighted to announce that we will be running- “HANDS-ON PARENTAL CONTROLS” WORKSHOP FOR YOUR DEVICES AT 7.30 PM, TONIGHT  THURSDAY 9TH FEBRUARY IN ST MARY’S BOYS’ SCHOOL.

If you would like to find out how to lock down various devices, you might find this a useful session. The evening will open with a short presentation, and this will be followed by a hands-on workshop. We will do a thorough walk through of Microsoft, Google and Apple parental controls and we will have a number of volunteers to take any questions you have on parental controls in general.

We have access to a limited number of computers where you can step through general parental controls of applications or if you are interested in restricting a specific device, bring it along.

For Microsoft, Google or Apple parental controls, PLEASE HAVE THE FOLLOWING PREREQUISITES IN PLACE:

For Microsoft devices:

A parent’s email address linked to your Microsoft account.
A child’s email linked to their Microsoft account. (They will have used this when logging onto Xbox or Windows laptop).
A device that can be used to access email accounts. Phone/ laptop/ tablet etc.
If wanting to use the app, please download it onto device.
For Apple:

Parent and child emails used to access Apple devices.
Apple devices for setup.
For Google:

A parent and child Gmail account.
Your child may already be using one of these to access YouTube.
Parents device.
Any device child is using to access YouTube.
If you can’t bring your child’s device, it will still be beneficial.


Not forgetting our wonderful students, the school will be running a table quiz for 3rd to 6th class students and will have a slogan competition for 1st and 2nd class pupils. Prizes will be awarded to our budding quizzers / slogan writers, so good luck all!


The Internet Safety contract is available, so there may be value in sitting together to review your contract for internet usage as a family. It may help to just refresh some of the etiquette involved by being a good digital citizen. The current contract is available here. We hope that you find this document useful as a guideline for any conversations that you might wish to have.

We have also attached a document highlighting some quick facts and potential risks regarding the more popular applications list below. You might find this interesting reading.

If you are interested in any other application, please visit Webwise (

Webwise ( is a great informational site and has several resources available, for both parents and children.

Please see the attached document as it makes for some interesting reading.

Internet ( is a great reference site for parental controls instructions. Note: Scroll down the page for the really useful info!!


We hope you find the information useful and wish you all a Great Internet Safety Day and Year!