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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Week in St. Mary’s

Safer Internet Week

The boys in St. Mary’s have been working very hard this week learning how to stay safe on the internet. All classes had lessons on Tuesday from their teachers using Webwise’s resources.

In the afternoon 3rd and 4th Class had a Safer Internet Day quiz in the halla on Tuesday, while 5th and 6th Classes will have this quiz on Thursday.

In 1st and 2nd class the boys have been working hard to create slogans to help us stay safe on the internet.

On Wednesday the boys were encouraged to develop an Internet and Smart Device Contract with their parents at home. Our Parents’ Association have devised guidelines and a draft device here:

There is a parents information evening and workshop organised by our Parents’ Association on Thursday night. More information is available here.

Mr. O’Neill’s 5th Class have been working hard creating videos to educate others as part of Safer Internet Week, these will be shown to the rest of our classes at Tionól on Friday.