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Tomi Reichental-9

Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental visits St. Mary’s


Yesterday was a very special day in St. Mary’s as we had Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental in our school. Tomi recounted the awful treatment his family and the Jewish people in Europe endured during the 1930’s and 40’s. He had a message for the boys when they see anybody bullying somebody to do something about it and not be a bystander. Tomi is the author of the incredible book ‘I Was a Boy in Belson’ and now has a children’s version of the story written by Eithne Massey entitled ‘Tomi’. He read from this book and explained what life was like in Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp during WW2. Tomi stayed on a long time in the school signing copies of his book for the boys and talking to them individually. A huge thanks to Tomi for visiting our school, giving his time, telling his incredible harowing story and educating all of us on the importance of treating everybody with respect and dignity.