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Things we are doing in 4th Class

This week we have done a lot of things. For P.E we are doing gymnastics like the tumble and hopping on one foot to the other. Once we learn a few more things we will be able to do a routine.

And for Science we are doing things with temperature by putting a jug of water over a candle with a thermometer and every 8 minutes we check to see how much it heats up by. Then we will do the same with a jar of soil. We will see which one heats up the quickest.

For Art we learned a poem called “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. We then chose a line and painted a picture from our imagination.
For Maths we have just finished up on 3D shapes and are now on fractions.

In English we are reading a novel called ‘Dream Invader’ and are just finishing up on it. It is about a boy who has nightmares about the “Pooshipaw”.
Sa rang Gaeilge we have learned 12 new words and did sentences on them. We also play a game called “bang bang” to see who knows the words.
In “Guess The score” a boy in our class won a football.

By Edward