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Things we do in this class

We have great fun in our class and enjoy many subjects. Our class has done lots of interesting things like going to Fighting Words where we made up our own story starring Johnny the Unicorn and Professor Squirrel! We have done lots of Art with Jane and Sheelagh the SNA’s in our class like Clay Monsters, Clay Christmas Trees and Dragons and Castles for P.Y.P.I.A. We have been working hard on our Irish too; Mr. O’Neill has been giving us sheets with lots and lots of Irish on them. He gave us a sheet which had over 40 sentences for Inis Dom Fúít Féin and a sheet with over 40 verbs. P.E. has been a favourite subject of a lot of the pupils in the class. We have been doing basketball, soccer, NFL and Gaelic football. In the Computer Room we have been working hard at Scratch, a coding programme, making our own games and stories and some boys were asked to give 6th class a lesson in Scratch! For Tionól this year, we have done a funny act about Pokémon GO when these nerds get into all kinds of disasters playing the game! For our Halloween act we did an intriguing poem with actors and readers all playing their part to make a scary atmosphere in the hall. We have been stuck in to our reading this year having already read ‘Goodnight Mister Tom,’ and almost finished ‘Holes.’

(Jake O’Loughlin & Sam Dunne)