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Science Week Room 5

Science Week

On the 29th   of November, there was a Bush Craft workshop. The women running the work shop was called Angie. In the morning, she set up a tent like roof. Then the half of Mr Rooney’s class walked down to the sand pit. We sat down on the tarp in a circle. We had to guess what the ‘talking stick’ was. It turned out it was a dead deer’s antler which had been cut straight through. We then, with our bottles, made bird feeders. After we made the bird feeders, Angie told us we’d be doing making some fire and to be careful. She then handed out some flint & steel, char cloth and seashells. We started sparking the flint and steel onto the seashells. Next we sparked onto char cloth and were able to start some embers.

After the workshop we went to the field with Mr Mac Réamoinn’s class we planted some Elder trees.

Over all it was a great day. Thank you Angie for coming into us.

We also attended a Crime Scene Investigation workshop in Ballyroan  Library.  Examining the Crime and solving it using science was great fun.