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Room 9 Tionól 24th March

We performed at Tionól last week. We were showing our class’ taste in music. We had three boys on the guitar. Luke D, Edward and Adam. They played the song 7 Nations Army by The White Stripes.

Five boys played the piano. Luke L, Vishaan, Robert Y, Eoghan and Alex, all performed a variety of pieces.

We also did some funny dramas. They were four ways to kill your teacher. Most of the class performed in this.

To finish off we sang the song Riptide, by Vance Joy, as gaeilge, and then Counting Stars by One Republic.

In class we have been learning about forces like push and pull.

We are also learning about friction that can make things go faster, slower and can stop things like cars bikes and motorbike. We tested around the school to see which surfaces caused the most friction.

In English and Art we are beginning on out puppet shows. We will have more on this over the next few weeks!

By: Cian and Luke D