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Arbor Day Tree Planting

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Come visit our beautiful new trees! On the 3rd of May 2017, every year group in the school planted a tree. Arbor Day was a very special part of the school’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Each year group has the responsibility of looking after their trees so that they can grow big and tall.

Below you will find a list of the trees that were planted in order of year group;

  • Junior Infants – Red Hawthorn tree.
  • Senior Infants – Red Hawthorn tree.
  • First class – Beech tree.
  • Second class – Himalayan Birch tree.
  • Third class – Crab-apple tree.
  • Fourth class – White Beam tree.
  • Fifth class – Mountain Ash tree.
  • Sixth class – White Beam tree.

Mr. McCabe from the Board of Management was a fantastic help with the tree planting: digging all the holes for the trees and helping all the boys with their planting. In addition, special visitors planted trees in the school: Mr. Edward O’Riordan the principal of St. Mary’s B.N.S school, Mr. Tom Mullins a former principal, and Mr. Dónall Ó Murchú a former principal, along with Mr. Fintan Walsh a well-loved former teacher in the school, and Fr. Martin Noone. Mr. Jim Molloy the first principal of the school and Mr. Anthony McKeon the Chairman of the Board of Management were absent for the tree planting ceremony. However, Mr. Molloy and Mr. McKeon will be planting their trees in the school during the next few days. Arbor Day was a very special day as part of the 40th anniversary of St. Mary’s B.N.S. We all look forward to our trees growing big and strong.