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Write-a-Book Ceremony

The Write-a-Book is a project in which children from all schools all around Ireland write a book and give them to other schools to read. The favourite book is chosen, and, in most cases, there is one Merit book and three Highly Commended books in each class.

In total, with the schools and the classes and a Merit in each class, there would be around 300  authors at the Write-a-Book Ceremonies in total. This year, Minister Mary Mitchell was at the Ceremony on 3/4/17. Josephine Heffernan was calling out all the names of the Write-a-Book authors and their books. Some of the books that stood out to me were "In Their Sights" a moving book about WW2 that, unfortunately has a sad ending. You can imagine! Also, "From Zero to Hero" by Dylan Timbs, a story about a boy named Max who has a horrible coach in his soccer club, but when his coach leaves, he gets a very nice new coach named Alan, who helps him become a great soccer player, and, at the end of the story, he moves to Liverpool, near the stadium of Liverpool, Anfield. As you may guess, a nice story with a great story-line, I think this was a very good book.

The Ceremonies went on in formerly Killiney Castle(now called Fitzgerald Hotel). The hotel was very well kept, and it was very enjoyable to have the Write-a-book ceremony in the Fitzgerald Hotel. Blackrock Education Centre ( for a link) organised the Write-a-Book project. Thank you Blackrock! I was there at the award ceremony getting my award for Oinky's Holiday, my book. I had an enjoyable evening.

On the 5/4/17, the Junior and Senior Infants got their own Write-a-Book Ceremony in the hall. Everybody got a certificate to make them feel like winners. I personally think that is a great idea, so nobody thinks that others are better than them. I feel that they enjoyed the ceremony. Also, Bobby McGill received his certificate and medal for "Bobby's Story" an excellent story all about himself.

by Marcus Geraghty