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World War 1 Projects

Having read an extract from the story ‘War Game’ by Michael Foreman, which is set during World War 1, we decided to do our own mini research project on the First World War. The results of the boys’ work were outstanding with a massive effort made by everyone.

Here are a few fun facts we learned about World War 1:

– On Christmas Day 1914, the British and German soldiers met in ‘No
Mans Land’ with an unofficial Christmas Truce. They played a
famous football match and exchanged gifts.
– 1.2 million soldiers died during the Battle of the Somme and the
Allies only gained 7.8 miles of ground.
– World War 1 started with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand
of Austria.
– The youngest British soldier was only 12 years old.
– World War 1 had the most trench warfare of any World War.
– Some trenches of opposing sides were only 30 metres apart.
– A Paris gun could shoot 130 kilometres and the shells weighed

Included in our photos is a fantastic model of trench warfare made by Zac Boland. Well done Zac!