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3rd Class Work for 30th March – 3rd April

Hi all,
I hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times.
Below is suggested work for the week starting 30th March. This work should be completed where appropriate but I would also encourage boys to spend this time creatively and to get out into the fresh air as much as possible.

Don’t forget to remember all the Covid 19 Guidelines.

All books included below can be accessed on where you can login with your own name and email address.

Busy at Maths – Chapter on Length p119-122
Maths Times Tables Work – Revise Multiplication Tables during the week and attempt ‘The Seventy-Fivers in Table Toppers book p70
Mon – p119 Tue – p120 Wed p121 Thurs p122 Fri Table Toppers p70
IXL and Prodigy Maths should also be used during the week.

My Spelling Workbook Unit 15 – Complete activities 1-5 – one a day. Take a test on first 11 spellings on Friday if you want to test yourself.
Get Set – Read Chapter on ‘Hurling’ p160/161 Complete Questions on p162/163
Mon – p162 B Q1-5 Tues B Q6-10 Wed – Exc C
Thurs – Exc D Fri – Exc F
E- Look it Up can be done at some point throughout the week and could be made into a possible project on the GAA/Game of Hurling.
AR Reading – Keep reading for at least twenty minutes a day and taking quizzes. Boys are flying through books.

Léigh sa Bhaile – Mon – p2 Tues – p3 Wed – p4 Thurs – p5 Fri – p6

County Project – Choose a county in Ireland and complete a project on it including history, tourism, sports, fun facts, etc. Project can be presented in poster format or as a PowerPoint

History Quest – Irish Emigrant Ships – Read the Chapter starting on p67 – Complete Activity A on p70/71 – Write an account from the point of view of a boy or girl travelling on an emigrant ship from Ireland to America. Start when they are boarding the ship in Ireland.

Below are examples of free websites/activities that have excellent resources available for kids.
Alternative websites/links:
Epic reading- online reading
class code ywt5582

Daily Resources
P.E. with Joe Wicks on Youtube – Weekdays at 9am but also accessible at any time
Wildlife with Steve Backshall on Facebook – Every day at 9.30am
Science with Maddie Moate on Youtube – Weekdays 11am
StoryTime with David Walliams – Everyday 11am

If anyone has any questions/queries don’t hesitate to contact me via email at
Mr. Hughes