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Wellbeing Talk


On Friday the 13th of January we had a visitor from ‘Walk in My Shoes’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Services. Her name was Imelda McHugh who was an Education Outreach Officer from St. Patrick’s Hospital.

She was talking about how to keep ourselves healthy on the inside as well as the outside. She said that we all need a toolbox of strategies that we use to get through times when we are upset or stressed.

If you are stressed, worried or feeling sad you can reach into your toolbox and also talk to someone you can trust. Talking to someone is not a sign of weakness it is the strongest thing you can do.

She also gave us tips about how to feel good on the inside not just how to stop bad things. One of the BIGGEST things she mentioned is to have FUN and do something you enjoy if you’re feeling down. A healthy diet and lots of exercise is vital for helping yourself feel good.

It is also useful to limit screen time especially at bed time as it affects your sleep, sleep is very important to our mental health. She recommended that we talk to people face to face instead of skype or face time.

She also gave us tips on how to deal with disappointment, anger and other negative emotions. She said that it is OK to feel these emotions but not to stay in them too long or let them consume you. Remember you can always pull your resilience or confidence from our tool box, and talking to someone is OK everybody has been through this before.