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Welcome to Room 1!

Welcome to Room 1!

Last week was our first ever week in St. Mary’s! Our class went on a tour of the school, learned lots of songs and had lots of fun playing in the yard! This week we have new class seats. We also learned lots about the primary colours, participated in structured play and we practiced our singing!


Each day the best boy in their group brings home a small teddy for the night and then returns it the next day. In the mornings the boys hang up their book bags and coats when they come into school. They keep their bags under their tables. One boy is very allergic to nuts so our class is a nut free zone!
We are so excited about this Friday to see who our first star of the week will be! The star of the week gets to bring home our class mascot Brownie Bear for the weekend and returns him on Monday. On Fridays there are prizes for the best group all week. There is also a prize for the boy with the most Monster/Dojo points on Friday!
Here are some pictures of this weeks marvelous creations!
We hope you like them!
Our Class Door!
Our Classroom!
Our Creations!

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