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The P.E. Curriculum

There are 6 strands in the P.E. curriculum:

· Athletics

· Dance

· Games

· Gymnastics

· Outdoor and Adventure

· Aquatics

5 out of the 6 strands are covered each year, with aquatics being taught both in the classroom (water safety) and in the swimming pool (1st – 3rd class).

Physical Education is allocated 1 hour per week of overall teaching time.

Hurling in 4th Class:

Room 9 have just completed 12 hurling sessions with Mr. O’ Riordan and Mr. Casey. The boys were busy practicing the different skills involved in the game of hurling such as gaining possession, maintaining possession, releasing possession and contesting possession. They look forward to putting their skills into practice soon during hurling matches.

Cycling in 5th Class:

Both fifth classes have been partaking in cycling classes which provides the boys with the skills and knowledge to be better, safer cyclists. The boys had lots of fun and enjoyed bringing their own bikes to school.


Go Noodle/Busy Breaks:

Short physical activity breaks are used on a regular basis in St. Mary’s to boost brain power and concentration. Our school encourages students to exercise and keep fit not just at lunchtime but also throughout the school day. The boys also engage in these classroom-based physical activities on wet days.


Our Active Walkway:

Our active walkway/ running track goes around our pitch. It is used by classes each day to run or walk a lap or two as a movement break during the school day.