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St. Enda’s Cross Country – What a result

All pupils participating in the athletic race from 5th and 6th class met in the hall at 12:30. The team left the school to walk up to St. Enda’s Park. When the team arrived it was already swarming with people. We were told to get ready for the race that would be starting soon. Mr Duffy took the warm up while the girls race started. Everyone watched some of the girls race. As soon as their race ended we took our place at the starting line. There were around 450 boys taking part so the starting line was packed. Everyone tried to push their way to the front of the line to get a good start. When the whistle blew everybody sprinted off the line. After about twenty seconds of bustling, the race evened out. It was two and a half laps around the playing fields of the park. Everyone ran their hardest to the finish line. It took about ten minutes for the race to end. When everyone was finished we all got goody bags and went over to watch the award ceremony. St. Mary’s came third overall. It was a great day for everyone and we really enjoyed it. Thank you to Ms Gallagher and Mr Duffy for all their hard work and for training us.

Oisín Murray, Cathal Enright and Eoghan Walsh.