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Seachtain na Gaeilge!

The boys in 1st class were given a very special treat today from our very own traditional music players here in St. Mary’s B.N.S! Musicians from 3rd and 4th class came into our classroom to run an instrument workshop and share their musical knowledge and outstanding abilities.


The boys in 1st class heard lots of traditional music being played, learned about the care of the instrument and even managed to try out some of the instruments for themselves! Great fun was had and I’m sure a few boys have had their musical curiosity awoken from our very special visitors.


A huge thank you to all the hard work of these aspiring musicians, and Mr. Connolly for organising it all. I know 1st class were left amazed and in awe of their talent! Don’t be surprised if music lessons become the next most wanted thing among our 1st class boys 😉