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School Mascot

The school mascot ‘Harambe’ came about at the request of the Student Council. The suggestion was brought to the staff, and Aoifín Shorten agreed to take it on. The Parents’ Association also agreed to take on the project led by Helen Basquel.

Ms. Shorten and the Student Council looked at the design of the mascot. Helen looked into production and cost. After much research, a company was contacted and our mascot was ‘born.’

All classes voted on a name for the mascot. Names were collated by the Student Council and a second vote took place. The clear winner was ‘Harambe’ based on a gorilla that had been shot recently in an American Zoo.

Harambe was first introduced to the boys at school assembly and his continuous dabbing made him an instant hit! We hope to see Harambe at many school events in the future such as concerts and Croke Park finals!