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PYPIA Expo Last night

On the 8th of March, all pupils of St. Mary’s B.N.S. and their families were invited to an art exhibition in the school. The art exhibition was called PYPIA, (Play your Part in the Arts). For the last week, every class in St. Mary’s filled their classrooms with art. There was also tea and biscuits for the parents to enjoy!
The theme of this year’s PYPIA was “Once Upon a Time.” The event was so popular that there were queues built up onto the Grange Rd. What a success!

Two pupils account of their visit to the Expo.

” I walked in the gates at 7.00. The first classroom I went into was Mr.O’Neill’s (5th Class). I saw ‘The Simpson’ characters and dragons as well as castles. After that I went into Mr. Breathanach’s class. They had cardboard portraits on their seats. Also they drew their own Mona Lisa. Those were my favourite two classes.” -Odhran Mclaughlin

“I walked in the main doors of St. Mary’s. As I walked through the hallway, I saw a large amount of kids from our school. , I came across the sixth class rooms. I walked inside and saw many brilliant models of famous buildings and excellent drawings. In my opinion, this was the best PYPIA yet.” -Alex Vaughan.

The answer to the Expo Riddle was 7 races!


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