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Danger! Halloween Acrostics

Halloween is near
A soul is chasing you
Levitating furniture
Living your nightmares
Options to turn around
Where is that cackling coming from?
Everybody screaming
Evil wizards everywhere
Nobody left
by: Elliot Meagher

Halloween is a night of dread
All the monsters are out
Little bit by little bit they eat you
Lots of goodies to go around
Owls making screechy sounds
Warlocks will cast their curses
Everyone is scared
Everyone is in danger
Nobody will survive.
by: James Daly

Halloween is coming
All the dark creatures are out
Low rumbling of goblin roars
Loud howls werewolves are creeping
Oh what a sight to see scary goblins everywhere
Witches shriek, vampires fly
Everyone is having fun stuffing sweets in their bags
Even if a monster comes, run the monster thinks its fun
Never underestimate Halloween Night.
by: Oisin Murphy

Halloween is spooky
All the werewolves come out
Laughter from the witches
Lots of fun
Oooo! The ghosts come out
Witches casting spells
Evil vampires
Everyone screaming
Nowhere to run or hide on Halloween Night!
by: Adam Doyle

Hope we didn’t scare you too much!
Happy Trick or Treating
from Room 16