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Croker here we come!!

St Mary’s  vs  Hollypark


On Thursday 19th of October St. Mary’s were playing HollyPark in the Division 1 Semi Final . It was lashing rain. The ball was thrown in and Mary’s got a goal scored by Evan. After their goalkeeper    kicked the ball out, Mary’s caught the ball and scored a second goal. Mary’s kept on going and scored another goal but then HollyPark woke up and scored a few points and 1 goal. Right after that Mary’s caught the kick out and went up the pitch and got a goal . Holly Park kept on attacking and scored more points. When the referee blew the half time whistle Mary’s were winning by two points it was 4-00 to 1-07.


Holly park started off better in the second half  scoring a point and keeping possession until  Mary’s got the ball and won a free. Simon put it over the bar but Holly park still wouldn’t give up and won a penalty. It was scored . It was an intense half. St. Mary’s  got a penalty. The goalkeeper saved it  but we  then got another chance and Paddy buried it.  St. Mary’s went two up at this stage  . Our backs all performed brilliantly under severe pressure for the remainder of the game. Our keeper Sean made a brilliant save to keep us in the game . The final whistle blew and Mary’s won by one point. The final score was 5-01 to St. Mary’s and 2-09 to HollyPark.   We are really excited for the final which is taking place in Croke Park next Thursday at 12.10.

James and Alex Mr Rooney’s 5th Class.