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Celebration 40 Years

On the 5th of May was a very special tionol, we were celebrating 40 years of the school : )

Reeling in the years: Mr. O’Neill and Jane made a video of all the years in our school. Special Guest: Peter Leonard, a past pupil of our school came in and told us about the school back when he was in the school forty years ago.  Time Capsule: Mr. Breathnach put in an Alive-O, photos of all the classes, a letter from Mr.O’Riordan, a hurl, a few of the books we use in the class to remember our school. Its to be opened in 2027.  Songs : Each year from second class to sixth sang a song from each decade. Ms Giblin taught the school The St Mary’s Song. Surprise : Valerie Jacobs got a massive cake for all the boys in St. Marys. by David Quinlivan and Dylan Timbs