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Welcome to room 9 Mr. Casey! Here you will be able to keep up to date on what the boys are doing in class and around the school. Looking forward to a great year in 4th class.


Booklists 2019-20

Click into this post for book list attachments Booklist 2019 Senior Infants Booklist 2019 1st Class Booklist 2019 2nd Class Booklist 2019 3rd Class Booklist 2019 4th Class Booklist 2019 5th Class Booklist 2019 6th Class

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Explorer Projects

The boys in 4th class have been learning lots about the Antarctic, the Race between Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott to be the first man to the South Pole. They also researched other explorers and created […]

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Games about Ireland

Click into this post and take on this challenge of games based on Ireland. See how you get on!!   Counties Towns Rivers and Lakes Mountains and Islands Tourist Attractions Islands Counties 2 Counties 3  

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Computer Room work Monday

Great Waterfalls of the World Interesting information and pictures of the Niagra Falls Facts and Pictures about the Victoria Falls Pictures from a helicopter of Angel Falls National Geographic profile about the Yosemite Falls

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