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Arbor Day at St. Mary’s

Thursday April 7th was Arbor Day (Tree Planting) in St. Mary’s school grounds. We hope these trees will grow for many years and help to sustain our beautiful planet Earth. Eight trees were planted by parents and classes. This project was funded by the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association.

Maria and Oleksii Cheronogradsky along with their son Andrii are from the Ukraine. They see this tree as a sign of hope and hope for the ending of the war in their country. The Silver Birch is planted by the Cleary family. Siobhán is chairperson of the Parents’ Association. Siobhán get a helping hand to plant the tree from her sons Aidan and Ronan. The Hornbeam tree is planted by Ms. Dunne who teaches Senior Infants. The Hawthorn tree is planted by Mary Corrigan and her son Rian. Mrs. Corrigan is a member of the Board of Management. A Whitebeam tree was planted by the pupils of Ms. Dunne’s class. A Maple tree was planted by the pupils from Mr. Hughes’ Junior Infants. A Silver Birch was planted by the pupils from Ms. McKeown’s First Class. A Hawthorn tree was planted by the pupils from Ms. Leong’s class.