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6th Class News



In the last three weeks our class have done lots of stuff. We recently got a new top of the range Interactive-Whiteboard that doesn’t need a projector     and we can download apps on to it. We have already downloaded some maths apps on to it.





Our schools 40th Anniversary was celebrated last week and some students in the school took part in a Gaelic Football blitz, there was also tree planting and during Tionól every year got to sing a different song, each from different decades.Our class sang the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song for the 1990’s. Every class also got a bag full of sweets to share throughout the class to celebrate.


We had a visitor named Pat Courtney come in to our class on May 9th. He talked all about going into secondary school and how do handle it. We also had Colin Sheldon come in and teach us all about the new testament in the bible.

For the past few weeks we have been learning all about World War II. Each of us got into pairs to do a project on everything we had learned about. Every pair got a different topic from WWII to do their project on. In Geography we had to learn the countries of Africa for a test in which we filled in an empty map with the names of the countries.We have also learned about Asian countries and have started a PowerPoint project on different Asian countries. Once again everyone had to pair up for it.


The sponsored walk is coming up on Thursday 18th of May. The JEP group have sold out all of their books but they are ordering more. If you would like to buy one of these please bring five euro into school. We can not give any books to people who have not payed yet so try not to forget.

by Dylan, Miki and Jim.