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31st of March Tionol

4th class prayers: They told us how the world was made by god over the seven days of the week.
Third Class Presentation: Ben plays two songs on the piano. Then two boys play two songs on the tin whistle . After we have another song on the piano from Michael . Followed by another song on the tin whistle, then a poca on the tin whistle. Then a few boys sing a song called The Mango Song. Then at the end they said an Irish poem and sang an Irish song.

Guess the score : Jack Foley and Sean Cleary won Dublin flags and Cathal Enright and Adam Kenny won footballs. Mr O’Riordan :  The students of the week were Connor Lawler, Daniel Hankley, Tadhg O’Horran, Connor Fitzgerald, Jake Doyle, Sam Murray, Cillian O’Riordan, Luke Pulpin and Lee Martin. Mr. Duffy: Mr Duffy then played Budapest and somewhere only we know.

By David and Dylan in 5th class Mr Breathnach.