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2nd Class Work

Hi all,

This is just a rough guideline as to what the boys can do during their time off. This is not mandatory work. The work is mostly made up of work that they have seen before, but there may be areas that they need some guidance with.

My Spelling Workbook: Finish unit 12 & 13

Mental Maths: Pg 47 – 51

Gaeilge: The boys can continue to work on their verbs. Quiz the boys as to what the verb means (past tense) and ask them to put it into a simple sentence. The boys have worked through these and should know them without any guidance.

Accelerated Reader: Each boy has taken home at least 2 new books. Boys should be encouraged to continue reading AR or any books of interest at home.

IXL: Boys can access the online maths programme through the school website.
Login: first initial and surname. Password: cat2016

Scratch: Online coding programme. The boys have been working on Scratch and they can continue to work online, by making various projects. Twinkl has great ideas online that are free for the next number of weeks. There are great worksheets and ideas on there.

Projects: If the boys want to create or work on projects of interest, on any platform, that would be brilliant too.


Mar. Duffy